Xero Accounting Software Training Course

About Course:

You will learn how to navigate Xero software and how to use Xero for your daily accounting work more productively and effectively in your industry.

After these courses you will appreciate the benefits of using cloud-based accounting software anytime, anywhere and in almost any devices.

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Business owners


Accounting staff


Accounting professionals


Anyone else keen on Xero

Mode of Training: Interactive learning via Zoom

Duration: 6 hours per level

Course Fees:

Basic Level S$800.00
Intermediate Level S$800.00
Advanced Level S$800.00

The above course fees are for up to two attendee only; 50% off for each subsequent attendee in the same session.

Extension of course time available. Additional fee of S$100 per hour applies.

Basic Level Course Outline

Module 1. Introduction to Xero
  • Overview of Xero and its benefits
  • Creating Xero account and Xero login
  • Navigating the Xero Dashboard
  • Using Demo Company account for practice
  • Help Centre & Resources
Module 2. Setting up Your Organisation
  • Adding company information
  • Setting up your Charts of Account
  • Entering opening balances
Module 3. Quotation & Invoicing
    • Setting up Quotation and Invoice numbers
    • Setting up credit terms and credit limits
    • Issuing Quotation
    • Issuing Sales Invoice
    • Handling multicurrency transaction
    • Product & Service Codes
    • Invoice branding theme
    • History and Notes
    • Managing credit terms
    • Recording payment on the invoice
    • Handling partial payments and overpayments
    • Creating credit note and refunds
    • When to void a sales invoice
    • Payment reminders and Statement of Accounts
    • Sales Activity Overview
    • Aged Receivables Report
    • Xero to Xero Network
    • Handling recurring transaction
Module 4. Managing Contacts
  • Adding customers and suppliers
  • Managing contact details
  • Setting up contact groups
  • Managing duplicate contacts
  • Customer/Supplier Activity Profile
Module 5. Purchase Orders, Bills and Expenses
  • Issuing Purchase Order
  • Business address vs delivery address
  • Recording supplier’s bill
  • Assigning billable expenses to customers
  • Recording supplier’s Credit Notes
  • Handling partial paments and overpayments
  • Purchase Activity Overview
  • Aged Payables Report
  • Using Repeating Bills for salaries and recurring expenses
Module 6. Xero Expense App
  • Introduction to Xero Expense App
  • Types of user permission
  • Setting up Chart of Accounts for the App
  • Submitting a petty cash claim
  • Submitting mileage claims
  • Approving and rejecting claims
  • Making payments on claims
  • Editing expense claims

Intermediate Level Course Outline

Module 1. Bank Reconciliation
  • Setting up Bank Feed
  • Navigating bank reconciliation interface
  • Reconciling accounts transactions to bank statement
  • Recording bank transactions – Direct Payment, Prepayment, Overpayment
  • Unreconcile v Remove & Redo
  • Spend and receive money
  • Bank transfers
  • Bank rules
  • Using cash coding for bulk bank reconciliation
  • Handling bank errors
Module 2. Inventory and Stock Management
  • Setting up and tracking inventory items
  • Managing stock levels
  • Handling inventory adjustments
Module 3. Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Adding new assets
  • Creating the asset category
  • Setting up depreciation policy
  • Running depreciation automatically
  • Handling asset disposal
  • Fixed Assets Report
  • Changing FYE and implication on Fixed Assets and Depreciation
Module 4. GST
  • Transitioning from a non-GST to a GST registered Company
  • Setting up the GST rates
  • Updating the GST rates
  • View the GST report
  • Filing GST Return directly from Xero to IRAS

Advanced Level Course Outline

Module 1. ‘INVOICENOW’
  • Introduction to InvoiceNow
  • Finding customers and suppliers on sg
  • How to send e-invoices on InvoiceNow network
Module 2. Reports and Analysis
  • Running standard reports
  • Building custom Reports
  • Favourite Reports
  • Short-term cashflow
  • Business Snapshot
  • Management Report
  • Analyzing financial trends and ratios
  • Using tracking categories for advanced analysis
  • Running report on tracking categories
Module 3. Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Creating different types of Budgets in Xero
  • Comparing actual vs budgeted figures
  • Forecasting cashflows
Module 4. HubDoc
  • Introduction to HubDoc
  • Recording invoices and bills
  • Pushing recorded invoices and bills to Xero
Module 5. Integrations and Add-Ons
  • Exploring Xero’s app marketplace
  • Integrating Xero with other business software
  • Bess practices for app selection
Module 6. Tips and Tricks to improve efficiencies
  • Using your preferred exchange rates
  • Creating Branding Theme and customising invoice templates
  • custom email template
  • Using Find and Recode
  • Enable payment to this account
  • Locking the accounts on year end
  • Best practices for data backup and recovery

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